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Whiteboard Help

I am using Whiteboard to help build my master schedule.  I currently had a run error where whiteboard froze on me and had to be closed.  We were instructed to always exit whiteboard via the menu (well i couldn't access the menu because the whole program was frozen).  For whatever reason I am now getting an error (see image) when I try and reopen Whiteboard - stating that a user is already running the program.  I was wondering if anyone knows how to kill Whiteboard via eschoolplus?  I know there is a way but can't recall where to go exactly to terminate Whiteboard so I can reopen it.  




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Hi @nurayz,


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I am sorry to hear you can not get back into PowerSchool Whiteboard Scheduler. There is a quick and simple fix but you will need to reach out to your PowerSchool eSchoolPlus SIS System Admin for assistance.


Within PowerSchool eSchoolPlus SIS the System Admin will access Administration > Scheduling Setup > Setup>  Scheduling Building Configuration for your building. They will update the 'In Progress' field from W-Whiteboard is running to N-Nothing is running. You will then be able to relaunch the Whiteboard for your building. 


You can share this Online Guide with your PowerSchool eSchoolPlus SIS System Admin for further details on this process.


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