What is the easiest way to promote students to the next grade


What is the easiest way to promote students to the next grade



I am wondering what the best way to promote our students to the next grade would be.. I have already created the next year.


I am also wondering if I should promote students and THEN enroll our new students in so they stay in the grade I entered them in as?


Thank you in advance for the help!


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@Annacls21The End-of-Year Process is specifically designed to do just that-promote students. See attached.

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PowerSchool Mentor

To promote students to the next year grade and school you must update two things in PowerSchool.

Select a grade level of students and use Student Field Value change to change the sched_nextyeargrade to whatever grade the should be promoted to.

Then go to the Next School indicator and make sure that the students are associated with the school they will be in for next year.

Students in elementary going to Middle School will need the Middle School as their next school.

After you have completed this you need to go to District Office>System>End of Year Process and run the End of Year Validation reports. (before you do that make sure the information is correct for how you want the system to handle students. If you have a HS and will graduate students they need to have a sched_nextyeargrade of 99 and a next_school of graduated school.)

Run the validation second drop down that makes any students with issues your current selection. Correct any issues and then come back to this page and from the DropDown choose the third item to complete the End of Year Process and promote students.

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