Viewing Applications


Viewing Applications

We have 2 Administrators that are tagged in job postings and receive an email every time someone applies for a specific posting.  When they log in to view the application it isn't there... but I can still see and access it on my end.  Please advise.

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Community Knowledge Manager
Community Knowledge Manager

Hi @mcboe


The user may have a filter set to not see applications based on certain criteria. Filters allow an admin to prevent users from seeing certain applications in the system. You can check this by navigating to Configure > Users & Filters for an individual and clicking the Filters button to the right of the user's name.  We also recommend checking if the applicant has been red-flagged. A Red Flag will make the applicant profile invisible to any user that does not have a System Administrator (1), Hiring Manager (3), or HR Support Staff (4) security clearance.

Saffiya Tasneem
Community Moderator

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