Vaccine Rules Engine/Vaccine Compliance Report

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Vaccine Rules Engine/Vaccine Compliance Report

Hi, I'm a school nurse who would like to run reports on my students who may not be up to date on their immunizations. There are 2 state required immunizations that Power School will not allow me to attach to a "rules engine".

When I am in "District Setup" I go to Health Management->Health (Immunizations)-> Vaccine Management.


Meningococcal for example is required, 1 dose in 7th grade and 2nd dose for 12th grade. When I go to "Rules Engine" within the meningococcal page, I cannot bind this to a rule, nor can I create a rule.

PowerSchool has the ability to run reports on those who are noncompliant with their vaccines but since I cannot attach a rule to the meningococcal vaccine, there is no way of telling what 12th graders are due for their 2nd dose. I can only run a report to see who doesn't have a vaccine recorded whatsoever. 


I hope this makes sense. I don't want to go into 600 student's charts to look at their vaccines when there is a way to run a report for some vaccines, but not all.

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Community Support Expert

Hi @johara2


We would need to take a closer look at students' data. In order to protect your privacy and avoid sharing any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data in the Community, we recommend reaching out to your district's Technical Contact(TC), who should be able to connect with our PowerSchool Support team on your behalf, in order to help rectify the reason for this issue along with the troubleshooting steps.


Saffiya Tasneem
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