Using Performance Matters "Common Assessment" in Schoology


Using Performance Matters "Common Assessment" in Schoology

Hi all-


I have recently started working as an instructional coach as well as a teacher, so I have started trying to do some admin work in Schoology and Performance Matters.


We have not so far had a way to include Performance Matters assessments as materials in Schoology courses. According to the support documents this ability SHOULD be there, and if it's not "contact your support contact."


Well, now that's me. And I can't find documentation for System Admins to get that feature set up or rolled out to teachers. Can anyone give me suggestions or a link to the appropriate documentation?




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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @rledgist,


Thank you for reaching out to the PowerSchool Community! 


The Community will provide more resources and enable you to post in a Schoology forum if you log in from Schoology through Support. 


The Getting Started in the Community for Schoology Customers article should guide you through the process. 


When you log in through Schoology Support, please post your question in the Schoology Learning > Schoology Learning Teachers forum and we are happy to assist. 

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