Time to dump Schoology and find a new LMS

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Time to dump Schoology and find a new LMS

My school district has been with Schoology for approximately 8 years, and our teachers are getting frustrated with the platform. Their biggest gripes are Google integration is unreliable, new features are incomplete and often break old features, and support requests take forever to get resolved if they ever do. As a team, we made the decision to start looking at other platforms and have narrowed it to Google Classroom and Canvas.

I’ve not been a fan of Google Classroom and feel it is lacking features that a real LMS has, mainly the ability to import question banks and content from other systems. Congas on the other hand seems to do everything we want, but they feel it has a steep learning curve.

I’m having a hard time finding any recent comparisons of the major players other than this one link. For anyone who has been LMS shopping in the past year, do you have any research you care to share?

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You would have better luck posting this to the PowerSchool User's Group which is not a part of the PowerSchool Community. It is operated by actual PowerSchool users and there are many discussion threads regarding various LMS options.



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