Student Test Admin Item Scrolling [Performance Matters]

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Student Test Admin Item Scrolling [Performance Matters]

Does anyone else have the issue that some of the items in Performance Matters assessments don't allow students to scroll?


My students use chromebooks for the most part and whenever they are in a test I invariably get complaints about items that don't have scrollbars, where part of the item is outside the frame. My solution so far has been to make the font size smaller and then pinch-zoom to be able to read the questions, but this seems to be a problem with the CSS or page setup for the assessments.

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @rledgist 


Thank you for reaching out to the community for assistance.


We recommend trying out the ways mentioned below :


  • Try setting the resolution to 100%.
  • Try to close, reopen and zoom out of the test. 
  • Try clearing the history.
  • Trying with a different browser.
  • Trying from a different device.   


Please feel free to reach out to us for further queries.

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We had the same problem.  It was always the same question.  We tried changing screen size through the cog and through keyboard shortcuts.  We also tried clicking the next or the previous button.  We had to have the student refresh their screen (which locked them out).  As soon as the teacher unlocked their test and the student logged back in, it would work.  


We're testing in a middle school and it was always 1 - 2 students per class.  It's only happening for students using the school issued Dell laptops.  They are all using Chrome.