Standardized Testing


Standardized Testing

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New teacher here! does anyone have a word of advise or hack to make the best use out of standardized testing scores (ACT, SAT) thru PowerSchool?  How do I integrate the scores? What insights can I pull out with this tool?


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PowerSchool Mentor
PowerSchool Mentor

This is not an easy question to answer.  If your state uses one of these tests in place of other "State/Federally Mandated" tests you should have some score correlation between the test results and your state's expectations.  Truthfully the results of a one day test may not give you an accurate picture of the type of work your students will produce.  If your students perform highly in one or more areas of these two tests you will know that they understand the concepts covered on those tests, but there may not be a direct correlation to the subjects and standards you teach.  Others may tell you differently, but I would say when it comes to integrating the scores don't stress about it.  Instead use the results to help you determine the types of extensions and supports you may need to have ready to go with your lessons.  If you have a wide range of results in your class, you will know that you may need to reteach some of your concepts before all students will understand or you may need to have some more challenging content available in case they master it quickly.  

Bottom line is these tests will cause you to ask more questions than they provide answers.  What do we want them to learn? How will we know when they have learned it?  What will we do when they don't learn it?  What will we do when they do learn it?  

Jason Bengs, M. Ed
SIS/Database Administrator

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