Sibling Report

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Sibling Report

I am trying to run a report to search for siblings in the system - please advise

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Hi! @kspurka 


Thank you for reaching out to the PowerSchool community for assistance.


To assist you further, would you please provide the name of the PowerSchool product that you are using to pull the sibling report?  Is it PowerSchool Student Information Systems or eSchoolPlus?

Muskan Sehar

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Was there a solution to this? I would love to know.


Hello @QuynhT,


Thank you for reaching out in the PowerSchool Community!  We would need the name of the PowerSchool product being utilized  to provide more detailed information on this issue.  Can you please let us know which PowerSchool product you are using? This way we can take a closer look to determine the root cause and work towards a resolution.  Thanks!

Nina R.
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I'm looking for this as well. My workaround is to export the whole school in an Excel spreadsheet. Then I  sort it by the 911 address, home phone, and mother, and father field. I pair the ones that match. That usually gives me the siblings or people related in the same household to cross reference. 

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I would recommend that you go to the website for PowerDataSolutions and create a new account (  They have a lot of wonderful customizations for PowerSchool.  Their PSCB - Custom Reports (Misc) bundle includes several reports you may find useful, including a Sibling List report and a Single Mailing report.  You can download this bundle (and many others) for free. If you have not used any of their reports previously, you will need to download their Base Resources package as well.   Hope this helps.