Quick Lookup- Any shot I can add teacher extension?


Quick Lookup- Any shot I can add teacher extension?

Every time my office staff (or counselors or admin) go to call a student to the office, the process is:


1.  Look student up in PowerSchool

2.  Click "Quick Lookup"

3.  Look at current period's teacher  (*Note- Room is already listed under "Course" and pulling from the section's room number)

4.  Look-up a teacher's extension on a paper sheet or directory list

5.  Call the teacher to have the student come down.


I'm new to my job, but this seems like thinking that could be done ahead of time for all the secretaries, counselors, and admin looking to call a teacher during the day...


Is this already possible?





I tried to make it happen below- but adding an extension to the section number is going to foul up all the room numbers for schedules!!!  Argh!!  How can I customize what's in the "Course" column?




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Hey @ktow, thank you so much for reaching out to PowerSchool Community !!!


Currently, PS SIS does not support customization by members as a feature. I have submitted a feature request to the PowerSchool SIS Product Team on your behalf, to add a tool that will help customize the Quick Lookup section. PS Support Team is also always available if you want to reach out to them to look into the possibility of building the report as a Customization request.

Thank You for your patience.

Please feel free to let us know if we can assist you with anything.


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PowerSchool Champion

Do you have the phone extension saved somewhere in PS already?  Like in the teacher or room information?

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Yes, teacher information has an "extension" field.