Powerteacher Pro - Gradebook - Outcomes Missing Standards Score


Powerteacher Pro - Gradebook - Outcomes Missing Standards Score

I have set up my Gradebook to be weighted categorically with a points system attached to the graded assignments. However, once the points are calculated, students are then presented with a letter grade in place of a numerical one.


In our elementary school, we also attach standards/outcomes to assignments during the grading process. We  use the E (86-100%), M (70-84%), A (50-69%) scale and the letters replace the percentage as what shows on the report cards.


For example, a math quiz worth 25 total points, I have attached the standards: 'place value to 100' and 'skip counting by 2s'.


When a student scores 18 out of 25, why are these outcomes showing blanks instead of an "M"? It is still showing an M and a 72% for the class overall, but the outcomes are blank in the scoring columns.


Attached is a picture of what I am referring to.


Thank you all in advance.



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PowerSchool Champion
PowerSchool Champion

@gmcgregor If your students are getting a letter grade instead of a numerical one, take a look at the Grade Scale attached to the section. Click into the column where you see the letter grade and clik on show more (screenshot 2).


You are not seeing Standards scores auto-populate because you have not set the assignment to auto-calculate Standards scores. I can see this because there is no arrow indicating that setup (screenshot 1).


Go to Settings>Display Settings and set Assignments to start checked (screenshot 3).

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