PowerTeacher Pro - Check Final Grade status


PowerTeacher Pro - Check Final Grade status

Part I - Is there any way for a teacher to check all 16 of their sections to see, at one glance, if they've "checked" the Final Grade Status box (instead of having to click through every section)? A sort of status/progress window for the end of a term?


Part II - for my Admin data lady - is there any shortcut for HER to view ALL TEACHERS for ALL SECTIONS (again, all at sort of one glance) to see if they have completely "checked" all of their boxes at the end of a grading period?


Thanks for your knowledge!

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PowerSchool Champion
PowerSchool Champion

Hi @coverm 


Part I:  Not without some sort of customization of PT Pro.


Part II: The Section Readiness Report will allow your Admin folk to see that information.

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