Parent Newsletter Email Options


Parent Newsletter Email Options

Our school currently uses Alert Solutions/Swift K12 as its email solution with PowerSchool.  We have been building our weekly parent newsletters in Word, saving as a PDF, and sending out through Swift K12.  The problem with this is that when parents open the email they must click on a link, download the PDF and then struggle to read the newsletter.  We would like to find a solution similar to Constant Contact where the newsletter is easily built and sent out as the body of the email. 


Does anyone know of an email solution that can help with this?  We are hesitant to use Constant Contact because when using it in the past our experience has been that the emails end up in parents' junk/spam folders.  


Anybody have any good parent newsletter solutions that integrate well with PowerSchool?



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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @katemple,


Thank you for posting to the Community.


I recommend you visit with your PowerSchool Account Rep to ask if they know of any good parent newsletter solutions that integrate well with PowerSchool.


I recommend you review PowerSchool Partners to see if any of the newsletter capabilities you are looking to implement are on that list.


We also encourage the other Community members to share their insight if they have been able to find a solution to this.

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