PSCB Custom Report Clarification


PSCB Custom Report Clarification

Hi Can someone please tell me what this PSCB custom report settings does and if it affects anything set up outside of PSCB custom reports on the live side and lastly, if this function is used does it only change the set up for that school or district wide.

What would this used for?

See PSCB in question below in Red


Any help would be appreciated.

PSCB Custom Report Settings Description

Daily Attendance CodesEnter Daily Attendance Code preferences for PSCB Custom Reports.
Meeting Attendance CodesEnter Meeting Attendance Code preferences for PSCB Custom Reports.
Grade Reporting TermsEnter Grade Reporting Term preferences for PSCB Custom Reports.
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Hi @amandahynes,


Since PSCB reports are custom reports that are not created by PowerSchool, we suggest reaching out to the publisher of these reports to determine the expected behavior of the reports.


Please let us know if you have any more questions. We will be more than happy to assist you! 

Nina R.
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