PS Community login does NOT allow email address for login


PS Community login does NOT allow email address for login

I believe that PowerSchool should allow EMail address for login to COMMUNITY.  Think about the person that has a common first name and common last name (eg. Dave Smith).   How many unique usernames does Dave Smith need to remember?   If he uses 100 Websites like PS Community he probably has to have 100 unique usernames. 


Please oh please, PowerSchool allow email addresses to be used as a UserName.  Or simply allow BOTH the UserName AND Email address to be used for login to Community (in addition to their unique password of course).  


And PowerSchool should ALLOW the use of email addresses in all of their products.


An alternate option which thousands of websites use is to permit authentication via OAUTH using Google or Microsoft or ????.   This is actually EASY to do for programmers.  Thousands of websites permit this method of login.  It is common across the Internet.



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Hello @jrieflin,


Thank you for sharing your feedback in the PowerSchool Community!  PowerSchool strives to enhance the user experience and feedback is always welcome.  Currently, the PowerSchool Community does not allow email addresses for logging in. 


However, we feel like this is a great feature request to submit to the PowerSchool product team for further review.  You can submit your idea(s) in the PowerSchool  Ideas portal here.




Nina R.
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