Object Reports as Report Cards


Object Reports as Report Cards



I've built an object report that we would like to use as our report card for Term 1 (ending 18 December). I used the transcript object to add subjects, teachers, grades, absences, and teacher comments. However, when I try to run a sample report, no data is pulling through. 


I ran a regular report card and the data for Term 1 pulled through fine. Does anyone have an idea on how I can get the correct data to come through on the object report? 




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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert


Thank you for reaching out to the PowerSchool Community for assistance!


Object reports are a tool to create and print official school reports and documents such as transcripts (traditional grades and standards grades), scheduling forms, report cards, letters, and award certificates for students.


When generating an object report, the selected locale specifies only the Data Access Tags (DATs) used in the report. The report developer must enter the report title and any body text in the applicable language. If the DATs are not localized for the selected locale, the default English tags will display on the report. I recommend making sure that the DATs you are entering on the Text Fields are accurate to pull the data from the database to create the required report.


If you are still facing the issue, would you share a screenshot of the DAT code you are entering?

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