Missing T3 Grades on Mobil


Missing T3 Grades on Mobil

He have a parent logged in to Power School mobile app. The T3 grades are missing. I checked on the desk top and the grades should be visible but are not. How to help??

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @jyanez


Please verify the following points: 


  • If the students are not able to see the grades on the Quick Lookup Screen in the public portal, you would want to navigate Start Page > School Setup > Quick Lookup Preferences and verify if the terms are enabled/ checked for the parents/student.


  • You will also need to check the Final Grade Setup for the reporting terms. Start Page > School Setup > Final Grade Setups > Click on the Reporting Term > Under Edit Final Grade: Make sure Suppress Grade Letter Display is NOT checked.


  • If the assignment grade is not showing for the parents/student, navigate to Start Page > School Setup > Parent/Student Access > Under Available Features: Make sure Assignments and Scores are not disabled. Uncheck it to make them available.

If the above options are verified and still the grades do not show, you would need to report this to your district's Technical Contact so that they can work with support and have them access to the grade book. 



Jyotishka B.
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