Medical and Counseling Documentation

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Medical and Counseling Documentation

Question 1:  Has anyone switched from Magnus to PowerSchool for Medical and/or Counselor documentation?

Question 2:  Can you create 3 different Clinic Visit tabs so that you have locations for confidential counselor documentation and still can document nurse visits?

Question 3:  Can you access critical medical information remotely (on your phone)?

Question 4:  If medications are not on the list, how do you add them?

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PowerSchool allows for the creation of different tabs for various purposes, which could potentially include separate tabs for confidential counselor documentation and nurse visits. However, the specifics of how to create these tabs would depend on the permissions and customization options available in your PowerSchool setup. Accessing critical medical information remotely, such as on a phone, is possible with the appropriate setup and adherence to security and privacy regulations like HIPAA. It’s important to ensure that any remote access solution complies with these standards to protect patient confidentiality.

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