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Log Entries

Hello all,


 I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not log entries can be separated by subcategory such as : Discipline, Parent Contact etc. As some of this information is used for state reporting is there a way to only produce the discipline logs if needed. 


Can a log entry report be set up to run automatically weekly or biweekly?



Thanks for the help!!

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Community Support Expert

Hi @db987


We recommend reviewing the article: Report on Log Entries, for more information on selecting a time to run the report.

Currently, we do not have log entries that can be separated by subcategories such as Discipline, Parent Contact, etc. However, this would be a great enhancement request. You can log this as an Enhancement Request on  PowerSchool Ideas Portal so that the product team can take a look at this. 


This article should walk you through how to raise an Enhancement Request.


Saffiya Tasneem
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