Let’s make headway with ID Barcode Scanning/ID Attendance Kiosk


Let’s make headway with ID Barcode Scanning/ID Attendance Kiosk

After browsing through the community forum and not seeing any progress being made regarding student ID barcode scanning/ID Attendance Kiosk, it is a bit disheartening. It’s been about 3 years since someone inquired about it. Being able to scan student IDs or having them type their ID number in is such a game changer for school staff. Especially high school staff. This capability will save an enormous amount of time and resources. 

I had a conversation with the AP at my high school about implementing this and I would like to go to him with a solution. Has PowerSchool invested any time to solve this problem? I started looking at other companies to see what they offer and it’s amazing what the software can do (https://youtu.be/wl2A9lfKbZo) (https://youtu.be/izA8puzt-zc)


While PowerSchool is a great tool, it would be even better with this capability. Game changer for sure. 


Thank you!

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert



To assist you further, would you please confirm which PowerSchool product you are referring to?



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