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L4U support

I am looking to have issues resolved with L4U -- I need help from customer renewals to resolve the problems I am facing with certain aspects of L4U.  I have been told my product support has expired, yet when I reach out to customer renewals I receive no response.  Please advise on how to proceed!

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Hi, Thank you for reaching out on PowerSchool Community!

We understand your concern and we have escalated the issue regarding your product support having expired to the concerned team.

We will follow up with you Privately once we have any further information.

Hope this helps!

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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Hi there,


I have been trying to reach PowerSchool for 2 days, I've left messages and sent emails but I cannot get in touch with support.


I believe that our L4U product support has expired, I'm not really totally sure.  But we want to renew and I have no way of figuring out how to go about doing that.  Please advise on how to proceed!


Hi! @MWSLibrarian 


To protect your privacy and to assist you in renewing the L4U product support, I have reached out to you via the support case.

Muskan Sehar

PowerSchool Community Moderator

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Community Moderator

I was having similar issues and I found out (after many forum and email threads) that are a couple of key parts that need to take place:

1. Find out who L4U was originally registered through. It is this person who they will make contact with

2. You have have get the original person who registered contact PS and have you be added as a technical contact with their support department. Once you are in you have a better chance of getting support because you can submit an official support ticket.


I am at an independent school and they have several technical contacts associated with my school - none of whom actually ever worked at my school. This is a key part of the problem. My complaints were all being directed to people who had no connection with my school.


Hope that helps. Good luck.