Jobshare settings and unavailability


Jobshare settings and unavailability

Is there a way to set up a jobshare between 2 staff members where the "unavailability" entry can be overridden to call the partner first?


I have set it up, and have them set for working at only their school, but the ADS continues to call them for any absence that is at their school. They do not wish to work for any other staff member, and are getting annoyed with the early morning calls, and if they have everyday entered as unavailable, the system won't call them at all.


Please let me know if I am missing a step in the process, or if this is a limitation on the system.


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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @stephen_clarke


We recommend reaching out to the Designated Support Contact of your District who should be able to reach out to the PowerSchool atrieveERP Support Team on your behalf. The Support Team should be able to take a closer look at your setup to assist you further in resolving the issue. 

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We have our Atrieve set up so that TOCs can "opt out" of the ADS calls - this prevents them from being called out on the regular evening/morning automatic calls, but they are still notified when they have been requested specifically. It might be worth checking with your Dispatch department to see if they have a similar feature.

So far we haven't found anything that will make someone only requestable by their job-share partner. 

You can also have them do it the old fashioned way - book the absence as 'requires no replacement' and contact their job-share partner directly. Let them put the work in!