Is there a way to get back a profile after it has been merged??


Is there a way to get back a profile after it has been merged??

A student profile in Special Programs was merged and it appears that the documents did not copy over to the main profile. Is there a way to get the lost documents back? 


We create a Temp profile prior to the student porting in from Skyward. Once Skyward updates the student profile. That is when we merge the temporary profile with the actual profile. Typically all the documents are retained. For some reason today the document were lost. Is there a way to get these back?

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Hi @hebertk


There is a chance that there were multiple student records before the merge and the incorrect one was merged.

Please try searching for the student by first name only or last name only, using % before and after the last name(Ex: %Smith%) in case there are hyphenated or double last names.

Note: The merge function will only detect students with exactly the same first and last names. The IDs can be different.

It is also likely that the student's profile was made inactive, you can try searching the student in inactive records too.  Merges do not work on inactive records. If you find the student record and are unable to retrieve the documents, you can reach out to your designated support contacts who can connect with the PowerSchool Special Programs support team to look into your setup and determine further steps.

Saffiya Tasneem
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