Inquiry and Challenges with Importing Schedules in PowerSchool

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Inquiry and Challenges with Importing Schedules in PowerSchool

I am reaching out regarding our interest in utilizing the PowerSchool API to post schedules. However, we encountered an issue last year as the POST API for the CC table was no longer available. As a result, we have resorted to using the Quick Import feature in PowerSchool for posting schedules. While this has been functional, we are facing challenges and would appreciate your guidance on how to address the following scenarios:

1: Managing Bulk Changes in Schedules: After successfully importing schedules via Quick Import, we often encounter situations where multiple students wish to make changes to their schedules, such as switching to a different course. Could you please advise us on the best approach to handle these bulk changes efficiently?

2: Bulk Removal of Schedules for Inactive Students: Similarly, we need assistance in understanding how to bulk remove schedules for students who are no longer active in the system but had their schedules initially posted via Quick Import.

Furthermore, we would like to inquire if there are any plans to reintroduce an API that would allow seamless posting of schedules and facilitate the management of the aforementioned scenarios in the future.

Your support and guidance on these matters would be greatly appreciated.

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