Importing data into the Teacher attendance page


Importing data into the Teacher attendance page


On the Teacher’s attendance page, I have found a way to import the data but it gets a bit tricky when it comes to including their substitute for the day. When entering the substitute info, it populates a lot of the fields like location, pay code, etc automatic by taking the default entry.  Since that can change daily for the substitute, I left that blank on the import file.  When importing the file, it does recognize that the field is blank and gives a warning saying it has taking the default info.  This is fine in my case but the data never gets imported.  If I specify all the data then the file does import but due to the fact I need it to pull the default data of location, code, etc for the substitute I can not hard code that into the import file. Is there a way to accept the warnings and still import the file? Is there a special character I can use to tell the import to take the default value? 



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