I received an "Application is Incomplete" but have filled out everything

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I received an "Application is Incomplete" but have filled out everything

I have filled out everything in the application *even put n/a in the blank spots* but do not understand why it says my Education History, Employment Application, and Employment History are incomplete. I do not know who to reach out to to resolve this. I have worked so hard on this application already and do not want to just leave it due to error.

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Community Support Expert

Hi @emily36459


Would you please share with us a screenshot of the Application page where you are receiving this error message hiding the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data?

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I had the same issue, was yours ever resolved?


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PowerSchool Mentor

Is this an employment application for a particular school district?  If so, have you reached out to their HR department?

Nicole Bond
Director of Attendance and Enrollment
Haywood County Schools
Brownsville, TN

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