I need to send information to 5 grade levels without having to input over 1000 mail addresses.l

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I need to send information to 5 grade levels without having to input over 1000 mail addresses.l

I do not know what the list of Boards do.  It is not clear to me 


I need to email grade levels.  I see every student in two schools.   How can I email each student without having to enter over 1000 emails? 


Thank you for your help.



None of the titles in the "select location" indicate what the topic addresses.

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Which product are you using and needing to email from? The answer to your question will vary based on your response.  If it is just a general email, your district will likely have organizational units setup within the email system that would facilitate this for you.  Without more specific information from your end, you may struggle to get a complete answer from the community.  

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most schools/districts have a notification system of some kind used for calling off school and other mass-notifications. Most of those systems allow you to target a message to certain grade levels, groups, etc. Do you have something like this?



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There are a couple ways you could do this. If it is just students you need to email you can go to the start page, select Advanced. Then select 5 (5th grade) and add. If you are a district coordinator this would pull all 5th grade students. Close out of that page and on the bottom right beside select by hand, scroll to custom student list.

Once you do that you can grab the field value you want to pull from each of those 5th graders. I typically have several lists built bc I use this feature multiple times daily.

Grab the field value of U_Students_Extension.Student_Email

and submit. This will generate a page showing you all the field values you requested.

Throw that to a CSV (selected at the top) and copy the column with the emails.

Create an email from your school email account and paste those addresses.