How to run a report of students that includes the teacher's name

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How to run a report of students that includes the teacher's name

We made the transition to PowerSchool SIS this school year from Infinite Campus.  I still trying to figure out how to run a report of students in which one of the fields includes the name of the teacher.  It would also be helpful if I could also have the following fields, period and classroom name/number.  Thank you!

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I think you want the Class Rosters Report. Go to System Reports and scroll to the bottom. Click Class Rosters (PDF)


More details about how to run that report are here:



I'm a teacher in a bilingual school in Portland and I'm completely new to PowerSchool. How can I run a Student Roster Report? Is there a user guide for PowerSchool 11.x (for teachers specifically)?

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The Class Roster (PDF) report in PowerSchool queries both current grades and historical grades (only those grades that are tied to the class that the grades are being printed for, if there is no associated section to the historical grade, then it will not be printed*).  The above link leads to the documentation on the Class Roster PDF.  If you are not able to review the document, we recommend reaching out to the Designated Support Contact within your district who should be able to provide you further details on running Class roster reports for students.

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Is there a way to run this report and get an excel? I've done the class roster, but it gives me a pdf. I've also tried doing a quick export and I can't find a field for teacher's name. 

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@janethompson Yoou can use a DAT in a Quick Export to get the teacher name:




Where XX is the expression.


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