Hosted Test Server - Allow for different user logins on same computer?

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Hosted Test Server - Allow for different user logins on same computer?

Hosted Test Server - Allow for different user logins on same computer?


Is there anyway to do this? I am sort of fumbling through the code making edits to figure something on in Custom Pages but I keep having to logout of admin and then into power teacher (with a different login) to see the changes and then rinse and repeat.


Kind of a drag.


I have searched through but I do not seem to be asking the right question.


Any help or advice would be appreciated!



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I'm going to follow this thread. It would be great if I had that capability as well. 

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Hi there,


Haven't ever looked into build changes to permit this, but I just use one browser in Private/Incognito mode for one login and another window that is not in Private/Incognito mode for the other login.


Example with Chrome, I use normal tab for admin login and open a private window to login as a teacher, works for me and I don't get session time outs or booted.


You can also do the same with just using two different browsers, I have had four simultaneous logins running on our test site by using Chrome and Edge and their Private/Incognito mode. Was 1 admin account and 3 different teacher accounts. 


Maybe worth a try to see if it works for your test environment or not.


We're self hosted, but I can also attest to the private browsing solution working like a charm. You'll be logged out from the older session if you try to log into the same service as the exact same user in a different browser (for example, you can't have two different sessions for PowerSchool Administrator going at the same time), but you can have multiple sessions for the same user for different Services.


What exactly constitutes a "service" is defined in the PCAS_SERVICE table in the database, but depending on what functionalities of PowerSchool you use, they are typically:

  1. PS Parent Portal
  2. PS Admin Portal
  3. PS Teacher Portal
  4. PS Student Portal
  5. PS Substitute Portal
  6. Sys Admin Portal (???)
  7. PT Admin Portal (I think this is long gone, but the entry is still there)
  8. PS API
  9. PS Public Portal

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