Homeroom not pulling on my student schedule?


Homeroom not pulling on my student schedule?

We have added a homeroom to the beginning of the day this upcoming year. So my students schedule should read: 


1 period

2 period

3 period

4 period

5 period


When I run student schedules (from the report card template) the homeroom is not pulling?? I am afraid its because I have changed the name to "HR" instead of using periods 1-6. I was told I could letters instead of numbers if I wanted too. I much prefer to keep it like its listed above. I went into the template to see if I could find out why its missing and I couldn't figure it out. Does anyone have any suggestions before I call support? Thank you in advance.

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You can use both numbers and letters for your periods, so I doubt that is the issue. More than likely you need check the HR course set up and look for the box "Exclude on Report Cards/Transcripts."  Make sure it is NOT checked. Because Report Card template can also be used for schedules, you want it unchecked. But when it comes time to print report cards and transcripts, you want it checked.


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