Finalize an IEP without parent participation

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Finalize an IEP without parent participation



I am attempting to finalize an IEP without the participation of the student's guardian.  We have documented our attempts to include them in the process and are ready to legally hold the meeting without them.


I am unable to set the IEP to Final though because the "IEP Team Meeting Participants" section requires that a parent be marked as attending.  I completed an Excusal for them, thinking this may be a solution.  However, the parent's name did not appear in the system and had to be entered in without the program's "Lookup" feature.  


I have no other ideas about a workaround or step I may have missed.  Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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Community Support Expert

Hi @Biggles,


Thank you for reaching out to the PowerSchool Community!


I understand you are not able to locate a parent's name with the Lookup feature when completing an excusal. Are you able to locate the parent's name in other ways? Was there anything you were missing in the parent name when entered in the lookup?


If the parent name has not been uploaded into the Unified Classroom Special Program system or not coming up in the lookup, I recommend you reach out to your district special program personnel so they can research the parent name not being uploaded. If they have an issue with the performance of the lookup, they can reach out to PowerSchool Support for troubleshooting assistance.


I hope this information helps you with finalizing your IEP.

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