Export from Child/Virtual Table (Ohio test results)

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Export from Child/Virtual Table (Ohio test results)



Would like to use DDE, Quick Export, or an Export Template that will export values from our FA tab in PowerSchool. The table information is below which states "This table is a child table of the [Students] table."


I have not had success with identifying the fields for export, such as these which do not seem to work:





Thank you for any information you can share!


This table is a child table of the [Students] table.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary key that relates the extended table back to the Students table.

ForeignKey17.8.0Number(11)The Student ID associated with the student for this record. Migrated from [Oh_Student_Assessment.foreignKey].
A one to four character code that identifies the test or subject area of the assessment administered. Migrated from [OH_Student_Assessment.assessment_area].
Import_ID17.8.0Number(11)Used by the FA Import functionality to remove tests. Migrated from [OH_Student_Assessment.user_defined_integer].
Performance_Level17.8.0Varchar2(1)The Performance Level achieved. Used for Grad Pathways and not state reportable. Migrated from [OH_Student_Assessment.performance_level].
Promotion_status_yn17.8.0Varchar2(1)Indication of student's status for promotion based on test results.  Obsolete prior to FY17. Migrated from [OH_Student_Assessment.promotion_status].
Required_Test_Type17.8.0Varchar2(3)The type of test/form of the assessment reported on the record. Migrated from [OH_Student_Assessment.required_test_type].
Schoolid17.2.0Number(11)The School building associated with the assessment. Migrated from [OH_Student_Assessment.schoolid].
Score17.8.0Varchar2(3)A three character field containing the score on the reported assessment. Migrated from [OH_Student_Assessment.score].
Identifies the reason why the student did not take the required assessment and/or does not have a score to report. Migrated from [OH_Student_Assessment.score_not_reported].
The grade level of the student at the time the reported assessment was administered. Migrated from [OH_Student_Assessment.student_grade_level].
Test_Type17.8.0Varchar2(2)Two letter code that identifies the test. Migrated from [OH_Student_Assessment.test_type].
Test_Grade_Level17.8.0Varchar2(2)The grade level of the assessment administered. Migrated from [OH_Student_Assessment.test_grade_level].
Test_Date17.8.0Varchar2(6)The date the test was administered in year and month (YYYYMM). Migrated from [OH_Student_Assessment.test_date].
Test_Day17.8.0Number(11)The day of the month the test was administered. Migrated from [OH_Student_Assessment.test_day].
Type_of_Accommodation17.8.0Varchar2(2)The accommodation received by the student, if any. Migrated from [OH_Student_Assessment.type_of_accommodation].
Exclude_from_FA17.9.0BooleanThis is used to exclude a record from the FA Student Assessment Report.




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