Enrollment from Previous Year


Enrollment from Previous Year



I am trying to find the enrollment in the school from the school years of 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. However, even when I change the year I am viewing, I still get the enrollment from this year.


Please help. 

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PowerSchool Mentor
PowerSchool Mentor

@smansy  I you want to see a student's history enrollment information, you need to access the Reenrollment table in DDE. 


If you just want to which students were enrolled in a specific school or in the district on a specific date in a previous year, you can do the following...


Change to that year > Search *as_of=MM/DD/YYYY 

This will give you a list of students who were actively enrolled in the school or district on that day. 

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Thank you for the quick response, however, I am unsure on how to get to the area where I can change the year. I found the DDE tab, but there is not an area where I can change the year. 


Thank you again.



Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @smansy 


You would have to select the Re-enrollment Tables in DDE to search/pull records for students enrolled in school during a specific date range. Please refer to the following steps to access the previous year enrollments:


  • Navigate to the Start Page >  System Administrator > Direct Data Export (DDE)
  • Select the ReEnrollments table from the current table 
  • Search the ReEnrollments table for all records that for example meet the following criteria while filtering using EntryDate <= 15/03/2021 and ExitDate >= 30/05/2020 etc.
  • Click "Search all XXXX records in this table." PowerSchool returns all historical enrollments at the current school for the specified date range.
  • Select the Students table and then select all the records in the student table.
  • Click Match Selection.
  • On the Match USM Selection screen, select the ReEnrollments table.
  • Click Proceed to Match Selection. PowerSchool will return all students with a historical enrollment in the specified date range.
  • Return to the Start Page and type the following search command: +/entrydate<=15/03/2021;exitdate>=30/5/2020

If you're only concerned with students enrolled on a specific date, you can use *as_of instead. Example: To find students enrolled on the last day of the 2020-2021 school year (06/11/2021) search by *as_of = 06/11/2021.



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