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I feel Powerschool should have an icon to email all parents/guardians, so teachers have a means to relay important bulk information. Admin has such abilities, yet teachers don't. We either can see one students family data at a time, or go through google classroom and do one class at a time. Yet Google classroom emails aren't always up to date or covers all students parents/guardians. And relying on student to take home important information sometimes gets put in the trash prior to parents. So we need better access to contacting parents by having full access to send out bulk emails to them. Elevating time and effort of sending out a few emails at a time. .

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Hi @rwittie

Currently, the feature to email all parents/guardians is not built-in PowerSchool SIS.


However, you can Vote the Enhancement Request SIS-I-12205 or SIS-I-10921 as per your requirements on  PowerSchool Ideas Portal so that the product team can take a look at this. 


You can search for ideas using keywords or the idea number SIS-I-12205 in the Search Ideas field at the top right corner of the Ideas Portal.

  1. Click on the Vote box next to the Idea.
  2. The vote box should change to green and the counter should increase by one.

This article should provide more information on how to raise or vote for an Enhancement Request.


Meanwhile, we also encourage the other Community members to share their insight if they have been able to find a solution to this.

Saffiya Tasneem
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