Email Notifications suddenly stopped


Email Notifications suddenly stopped

Since the beginning of the school year, I have been getting daily emails from PowerSchool.  These are the types of email that include:


  1. Current Grades and Attendance Summary
  2. Current Grades
  3. A detailed list of all my student's classes [date due, assignment, category, score and comments]


Suddenly, on March 24th, I stopped receiving them.  I have not made any changes to any of the PowerSchool settings.  I emailed the principal and the instructional coach at the school, asking them why I was no longer receiving them. 


The principal promptly responded: "I do not know, but we will look into this."  


The instructional coach promptly responded: "We have not changed anything on our end here..." 


The next day, I started receiving them.  Six days later, I stopped receiving these emails again.  


I am a non-custodial parent.  My ex-wife is the primary custodial parent.  Could my ex-wife be disabling these email notifications?


Below is a screenshot of my PowerSchool email notification screen.  I have not made any changes to these settings since the 1st day of school.  



2022-04-27_15-18-00 - Email Notifications.jpg

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Thank you for reaching out in the PowerSchool Community!  Can you confirm that the emails are not being sent to your spam/junk folders?  If there are no emails being delivered to your primary email or spam/junk folders, we suggest working with the administration at your child's school.  This way the can submit a PowerSchool Support Case on your behalf for further investigation.  The support team will be able to review your settings to determine if anything was disabled at a certain time.


Please let us know if you have any more questions.  We will be more than happy to assist you! 


Nina R.
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The issue has not been resolved yet.  I will attempt to contact the administration of my child's school to submit a PowerSchool Support Case on my behalf for further investigation.