Daily Attendance Reports - How do we print them in PowerSchool?

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Daily Attendance Reports - How do we print them in PowerSchool?

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Thank you for the question!

There are multiple reports that can do this. It depends on what kind of report you are looking for. The three I would recommend can be found by, from the start page, going to "System Reports" and then looking in the Attendance section under the "System" tab. The three reports would be:

- Absentee report, which can report any attendance code for any selection of students (or the whole school) for a single day
- Attendance Count, which can be run for one day or multiple days for any codes and for Daily attendance. This can be made very specific so it can find any codes appearing more than once if needed.
- Student Attendance Audit, which will find all attendance and codes for a day or multiple days for as many students as you want

These reports all have different abilities and look different, but all can be run to see Daily Attendance. There are other attendance reports as well. I recommend experimenting with them and seeing which one you like. I hope this helps!


This would be more helpful if you would include some directions. Thanks.

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@sbender From the main page of a school > Click on Attendance...the reports mentioned by @JoeOM  are the top three. Once you select a report, you can change the options you want pulled. 


@SueO57  Another suggestion: PSCB Custom Reports > Attendance

...You can find these on PowerSource Exchange 

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