Cumulative labels


Cumulative labels

This year my counselors would like cumulative labels to go on the student folder. Can any one help with the format.  : : 

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Hi @CherylB28,


Thank you for reaching out for assistance through the Community!  Would you provide the product in which you are using, please?


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HI there! so I use the following fields in Power School


<b><i><font size="+1">^(Last_Name), ^(First_name)</b></i></font size>
ID.^(Student_Number) SSN.^(SSN)


Go to print out address labels and create your own by adding the fields above. If you need further assistance, I can give you step by step on hoe to do this.


Patty Correa


We have a format set up under our Print Labels feature--do you have that option?

Beth J. Morrison
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Hi Patty,

Can you give me step by step instructions on printing address labels for all students?


Hi there! Sure thing... from the Start page, select the grade level or All in which you want to print out labels for. On the right hand side, select the "Select Functions" arrow pointing down, it will give you a drop down list in which you can select what you need. In this case, select "Printing Mailing Labels" towards the mid-bottom of the list. Once in there, you have the option to do your own mailing layout or use what your district already has, up to you! Once completed, hit the Submit button on your right hand side. This will go into what's called the "Report Queue" once the report has run and shows completed, it will give you a status of  "Complete", click on "view" next to it and it will pull for you in PDF format and it will be ready to print. Hope this instructions are helpful.


Best to you!

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Do you have step-by-step instructions for creating and printing cumulative folder labels (including courses and final grade averages?

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Could you please give step by step on how to print permanent record labels that have the yearly attendance and the yearly average per subject for each student? also would like the label to say Promoted on it

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@Pageb009, @Brandiwhaley, @blairjohnson


It looks like this thread was in our PowerSchool Learning forum. Is that the product you are asking about? If not, I would be happy to move this to the correct forum where you may get a quicker response from other members. 


To assist you further, would you please provide more information about the type of labels you are looking to print (label sheets, form list transcripts, single page, etc)


We welcome others to respond and share their experiences as well.


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What can be added to this field to have grades, promoted, etc. added so it can go on the cumulative folder?


Hi there. Did you ever receive any help with this matter? My school would like to use cumulative labels (to include courses and final grade averages) as we have in the past just as your school wanted. I've tried to create them using mailing labels in PowerSchool SIS but "transcript" items are not included in the fields provided. Please help!

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PowerSchool Champion

Hello CherylB28, Did you ever get a template for the cumulative labels? If so, would you mind sharing? 





@Pageb009, I am working on a cumulative folder printout (not label).  It has the student name, grade, school year, student number, school name, courses, grades for S1, S2, and YR.  (This can be edited to include attendance.) The problem with creating labels is you cannot put a transcript object on a label (I've tried every way imaginable!)  I have this information condensed down to about 3.5 inches by 2.5 - 3 inches.  However, the transcript object is set up to print one transcript per page.  I have not yet come up with a way to print multiple students on one page.  We are in the process of verifying grades for Q4.  Once grades are posted, I will be able to finish tweaking the layout.  Hopefully I will be able to get multiple students on a page soon.


Have you come up with anything since your post?  Thank you!


Is there a formula that we can use to create this?