Changing a new hire to teach a course once Live


Changing a new hire to teach a course once Live



    I am new to PS.  We are currently Live.  When we did our build in PowerScheduler we had a teacher assigned to five courses.  Once we went Live that teacher has since retired and is now no longer listed in PowerSchool.  How do I assign the new teacher to those classes now?  I can't locate the retired teacher in PS live to change the teacher assignment and I can't find the course on the live side either but I can locate the new teacher but she has no schedule.  The students that were in the retired teachers classes are still showing the retired teachers name in the schedule for those classes he was teaching.   Does this make sense?  Any help is appreciated.

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I have this same question.... New to Powerschool & looking for assistance 


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@mtitcombIf the teacher that retired has been made inactive, you can still search for them using a / before the search term, such as /smith.


An easier way to change the teacher on sections is to go to Setup>School>Sections>Select Course>Click on Section Number>Adjust Lead Teacher>Submit.


Be sure to follow State/Province Reporting guidelines for wherever you live.

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