We pay an annual fee to use Chalkable for archive files only. We have not been able to update the program and cannot access it due to not having the latest update.  I was told to sign up for a PowerSchool Community, which I did. Chalkable is not listed under product support.  I have also received an email for registration for PowerSource, but never received a password so I cannot log in. What do I need to do?

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Hi @vturnage, thank you so much for reaching out to PowerSchool Community!!


I understand your concern about not being able to access Chalkable. Different pages are accessible by users in the Community. Some pages are open to all Community Members while others are restricted to certain roles within a district such as a Designated Support Contact (DSC) or Technical Contact.

Chalkable is one of the pages that is restricted to DSC only.


If you are not a Designated Support Contact (DSCand feel you should be a DSC,  I recommend reaching out to a DSC in the district to request assistance with any PowerSchool product.

You can also email and PowerSchool will work with the current DSC within your school district to request the DSC role is added to your PowerSchool account on your behalf.

I have a great thread addressing this issue: 


Designated Support Contact


Hope this helps !!

Please feel free to reach us with any concern.


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So we can Acess Chalkable?? So Confused! Can you sign me up? How do I do that?