Case Ticket- Resulting in "Ideas Portal Suggestion"


Case Ticket- Resulting in "Ideas Portal Suggestion"

I am just curious as to how many people put in a support ticket just to get a response of "add it to the PowerSchool Ideas Portal"?  And how many of the ideas that are submitted actually get considered and implemented?

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Hi @brianneking,


Thank you for reaching out in the PowerSchool Community! While there is no official report of how many users submit ideas, and which ones get implemented, you can see a list of ideas that will be implemented, already exists, will not be implemented, etc. 


You can navigate to the PowerSchool Ideas portal here and on the left hand navigation you will see a list feature ideas to  determine if the feature idea was implemented or not, or plans to be implemented.


This article explains the different status definitions for the PowerSchool Ideas portal. 


Please let us know if you have any more questions. We will be more than happy to assist you!

Nina R.
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I have gotten that response to several things I have felt would be helpful, but most recently, I was given this response when they took away the ability to have "print view" format of surveys. We use surveys for our brag sheets for writing letters and I need to have a print copy in front of me while typing. I feel it is completely unacceptable to take away a previous function and then say to just put it in the ideas portal. That's why I am in this room right now, trying to find a way to "suggest" that what was available to me for 12+ years be returned to Naviance.

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Community Support Expert

Hi @rloving


Currently, the print functionality is unavailable. However, we found similar enhancement request submitted by another Community Member. We recommend you as well as other Community Members to vote-up the existing idea - NI-I-1703 via the PowerSchool Ideas Portal.


You can search for ideas using  the idea number NI-I-1703 in the Search Ideas field at the top right corner of the Ideas Portal.

  1. Click on the Vote box next to the Idea.
  2. The vote box should change to green and the counter should increase by one.

This article should walk you on how to vote or raise an Enhancement Request.

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