Administrator Settings for Override of Final Grade


Administrator Settings for Override of Final Grade

In researching if a teacher can be restricted to overriding only a Final Grade percentage and not the letter grade, I found articles from many years ago (2005) referring to Final Grade Options, Global Policy Settings where you could disable Override of Letter Grade.  However, Final Grade Options is not listed in Administrator settings anywhere.   Is there a way an administrator can affect the settings relating to overriding a Final Grade?  if not is there anyway we could solve the issue of teachers overriding the Final Letter Grade but not the percentage so we have many letter grade and percentages that do not match.  Thanks so much for the help!

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I don't know of any settings to do this, but PSCB Custom Reports does have a couple of things that assist the Admin in locating these occurrences:  (1) Gradebook - Manual Override Grades - searches for manual override grades in a teacher's gradebook. And, (2) Gradebook - Out of Sync Grades - Views all out of sync grades and stored grades.



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