Administration Access to View Grades

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Administration Access to View Grades

As an administrator, what steps do I need to take to view a teacher's grade book (not an individual student's grades)? 


Thank you in advance. 

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All administrators that have access to teacher schedules on the admin side can access PTPro for any teacher.  Navigate to teacher schedule and click the PTPro button at the RH top of the schedule. This will open the teacher gradebook to a Read Only view.  You can run reports from their gradebook...the reports will show in your admin report queue.

Beth Neidenbach

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Thank you for the response. I figured out in the process, that a permission for me had to be changed also and that allowed what I needed to appear. I appreciate your guidance. Have a great day! 


I am having the same problem, what permissions had to be changed?  Thanks!

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Hi @jilllenz

We recommend reviewing the document User Access Roles, to allow access for PowerTeacher Pro.

If you are unable to locate these roles, we recommend reaching out to your district's Technical Contact, who would be able to add those permissions for you.

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I am an administrator and would like to see read-only gradebooks of the teachers in my school on PowerTeacher Pro.  I read the above forum question and followed the steps to successfully change my user access roles, however, I still do not see the PowerTeacher pro button in the top RH corner when Im logged into PowerSchool administrator and go to teacher schedules. 


Can someone advise?


Thank you!

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PowerSchool Champion

If you just added the PowerTeacher Pro View-Only Access Role to your account, try logging out and back in again.

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I had the same issue, even I held an admin role but PowerTeacher Pro button from teacher schedule didn't appear. 


District user can change the permission to make it happen, my issue was resolved in the same fashion.