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Add/Drop Notifications

Our school is in the process of leveling classes to evenly distribute enrollment amount the teachers. Sometimes they notify the student, often they do not. I asked the admin if there was a setting in the system that would generate an automated message notifying teachers of adds/drops. Their response was that this is not a feature in Powerschool. I find this very hard to believe and wanted to confirm it within the community. Does anyone know if this is possible? It would be great if teachers received an email informing us that a student has dropped our class, changed class periods, added our class, etc. At my previous school, we used another platform but it did generate an email notification. If you know of the setting, could you please post instructions or a cheat sheet for how to turn this on. Thank you in advance!

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Re: Add/Drop Notifications

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To allow Community members to further assist, would you please provide the PowerSchool product in which you are requesting teachers receive notification for students that are added and dropped for classes, for example, Unified Classroom or PowerTeacher Pro?

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