Account Receivable Batch Finalization


Account Receivable Batch Finalization

I was in a process entering cheque to create Receipt under Account Receivable. After finishing entering two cheques, the system kicked me out and i had to log in again to finish my process. After i finished entering all the cheques and proceeded to finalize the batch.


However, the amount displays on the Actual Amount column of the batch does not match with the amount i has entered into the batch (the amount of the first two cheques that were entered before i got kicked out is not included). Weirdly, when i opened "View Batch" button to view the batch, the first two cheques were recorded in the batch.


Now i can not closed the batch as the amount display on the batch does not match with the amount i entered. 


Someone please help. Thank!

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @avo,


Welcome to the PowerSchool Community!


I wanted to verify that you are using Atrieve for your Accounts Receivables.


I found a similar reference in the Atrieve forum that I wanted to share with you as a possible resolution.

  • If your batch total does not match the entries in your batch, re-run your batch balance report. 
  • Receivable Balancing>Batch Balance Report>enter batch in question>run
  • This will re-set the totals. 

If we can continue to help, please let us know!


We welcome others to respond and share their experiences as well.



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