Creating a Claim Ticket

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Once a new staff account has been created, a claim ticket can be created. Creating a claim ticket sends the user an e-mail containing a link that will direct the user to log in to his or her account.


*Note: The user will be prompted to create a new password upon logging in the first time.


1. From the “Dashboard,” hover over “Admin” and select “Classroom Manager” from the drop-down menu.
2. Ensure the “Staff” tab is selected on the left.
3. Click the “Registration” button located at the bottom of the left side of the screen.




4. The “Staff Registration Tool” window opens. By default, the list of unclaimed registrations appears.
5. Find the staff member who needs a claim ticket and select his or her name from the list.


A staff member must have an email address registered to his or her account to receive an email for the claim ticket. If the staff is missing an email address, one may be manually added.


To add an email address to an account:


a. Double-click within the “Email” column.
b. A blinking cursor will appear. Enter the staff member’s email address.
c. Once email addresses have been added as needed, the staff members’ names may be selected as described above and claim tickets may be created for those accounts.




6. Click “Create Claim Ticket” above the list of users as shown in the image below.




7. An “Expire Date” window opens. The number of days that the “Claim Ticket” will remain valid may be entered. By default, “Claim Tickets” will remain valid for 90 days; however, this number may be adjusted as necessary.
8. Click “OK.”
9. A “Claim Ticket” email is automatically generated and sent to the selected user. The email contains a link that the user will click on to be redirected to his or her account. Upon logging in the first time, new users are prompted to create a new password.