What's New in our Community: November and December 2020

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What's New in our Community: November and December 2020

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Top Contributors in 2020 

We are excited to see members assisting each other in the PowerSchool Community. We appreciate your contribution and efforts in helping other members.  Please help us congratulate our Top Contributors for 2020! 


  • DanM3 
  • JeromeO 
  • Vance 
  • JeffG9 
  • Jrand 
  • HeatherWeist 
  • Russng 
  • DataJeannie 
  • BarbaraD2 
  • MrRogerS


Our Mentor, @HeatherWeist  was the top contributor for the month of November and December, responding to more than 150 questions.  She also has the most posts accepted as solutions.   


We also want to recognize @JackieSchultz and @BarbaraD2  for their contribution in creating Knowledge Base articles. 


@JackieSchultz  has created a variety of how-to videos for eFinancePlus.  Members with access to eFinancePlus resources can access these resources here.


@BarbaraD2 created an article that guides PowerSchool SIS users through the process of consolidating contacts when receiving details conflict error message.  PowerSchool SIS Designated Support Contacts can view the article here.


We are gratefuldelighted with the interactions in 2020, and are excited to watch our Community continue to grow in 2021. 



In October 2020, we launched the PowerSchool Mentor program made up of enthusiastic educators helping other PowerSchool users learn, grow, and lead themselves. 


The PowerSchool Mentors have created knowledge base articles and help answer nearly 400 questions by PowerSchool users since October.  Mentors also test upcoming features to ensure it is an improvement for users before it is implemented.  They have tested and provided feedback forty times collectively.   


You can recognize the Mentors with the badges in their signature.  The Mentors should have the Mentor badge pictured below.   




Please join us in thanking our Mentors and giving a round of applause.  Thank you, Mentors! 


If you are a Designated Support Contact and interested in learning more about the Mentor program, please review the PowerSchool Mentors page.


New Faces 

We have a new Knowledge Manager.  Monika Virmani joined our team last month and is dedicated to making our Knowledge Base resources even better.  She is excited to explore what this role has to offer and how she can contribute to the overall successcontinued excellence of our support resources and to PowerSchool as a whole.  You can learn more about Monika and the rest of our Community team here. 


What's New 

We are excited to announce the relaunch of the Case Portal to the Designated Support Contacts in the PowerSchool Community!  


Designated Support Contacts can now access their frequently accessed resources like creating a case, launching chat support, or posting in one of our product’s forums, all in one place.  The new case portal has been designed to streamline the experience of accessing support from start to finish.  Also, the Case Portal page has links to the three most useful areas: The Community Forums, PowerSchool Chat Support, and the New Case Form. 


We have linked an AppSwitcher request form to the top of the case form and integrated the Enrollment Case Portal into the new portal to further drive innovation and efficiency when working with Support.  


Designated Support Contacts can learn more about the updates of the Case Portal here. 


Activity in 2020 

We have more than 300,000 Community members going into 2021.  There have been more than 21,000 posts in discussion forums helping members with best practices and finding resolutions.  The PowerSchool team has published close to 5,000 Support and Product knowledge base articles.