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One PowerSchool, One Brand, One Community

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One PowerSchool, One Brand, One Community.


Here at PowerSchool, we  are excited to announce some improvements to our products in 2019!   Over the next few weeks and months, you'll see updates to product names, product look and feel, and release versioning. These updates to our products reflect our new refreshed brand and mission which is to power the education system with unified technology that helps educators and students realize their potential. They showcase our dedication to improving the PowerSchool user experience and enhancing communication and ease of use for our customers

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The purpose of this page is to continuously keep you updated on naming, user interface, and release versioning. We’ll continue to update this page as updates are made on a product by product basis. 


You’ll receive a notification before any changes are made, which may include the following: 

  • Product names  
  • Product interface  
  • Release versioning standardization


Product Naming Changes 

We have taken many different factors into consideration during  our  product naming exercise  and have  

collaborated with internal and external stakeholders: customers,  product management,  sales, marketing, and services, to ensure these names are descriptive in nature and are aligned with our overall company vision.   


Our updated products will be grouped into the following solutions: 

  • PowerSchool SISs– PowerSchool SIS, PowerSchool eSchoolPlus SIS, PowerSchool iNow SIS, PowerSchool Trillium SIS 
  • Unified Classroom– Learning, Assessment, Gradebook, Special Programs (formerly Special Education) 
  • Unified Administration– eFinancePlus, BusinessPlus, Atrieve HR, Atrieve Finance, Atrieve Payroll, Enrollment (formerly Registration) 
  • Unified Talent (TalentEd) – as part of our transition, TalentEd will be known as Unified Talent with product names updated to be more descriptive: 
    • SchoolSpring is now SchoolSpring Job Board 
    • Hire is now Applicant Tracking 
    • EPI is now Candidate Assessment 
    • Onboard and Records is now Employee Records 
    • Performance Matters Professional Development is now Professional Learning  
    • TalentEd Perform is still Perform, Performance Matters Evaluation is now Perform Enterprise
    • SmartFind Express is now Absence Management 
  • Unified InsightsTalent (for Absence Management), Operations (for eFinancePlus, BusinessPlus, Atrieve Finance, Atrieve Payroll, and Atrieve HR), Student (for eSchoolPlus) 
  • Unified CommunitiesPowerSchool Community 
  • Unified Home PowerSchool Mobile 
  • PowerSchool ServicesDeployment, Customer Education, Technical, Transformation 
  • PowerSchool Performance Matters is a single solution that brings together assessment and anayltics products.   

Product Interface


corp-PMM-community comms gfx_PScom_edit.jpg


We’ve updated the UI in some of your favorite products to reflect the updated naming, as well as our updated logo and brand colors. This simplifies the user experience when using multiple PowerSchool products. 


You will receive email communications as changes are released.  


Release Versioning


We are also taking this opportunity to standardize how we refer to product releases across all PowerSchool products, which will lessen confusion across product lines. You will see the new release versioning when your product rolls out its first feature release of 2019 


The new version format will contain a year, month, maintenance indication, and escalation indication number such as: 

  • Year: 2019 = 19 
  • Month: April = 4 
  • Maintenance and Escalation indications: a number (1-9) = maintenance and/or escalation, 0 = no maintenance and/or escalation 

For example, PowerSchool SIS means that PowerSchool SIS has a release scheduled for April 2019. This is a feature release and not a maintenance or escalation-related release. 


Note: Previous versions will retain their original numbers, but moving forward, products will use the release versioning as outlined above.  




Why are we changing product names?  


In recent years, PowerSchool has acquired a number of  different companies with different product names  and varying user interfaces. We have now brought them together to reflect our new refreshed brand and mission which is to power the education system with unified technology that helps educators and students realize their potential.This continues our dedication to continually improve the product experience and communications with you, our valued customers.  


When will the naming changes take place?  


Product name changes will  take  place in the first half of 2019. Your product team will notify you prior to the changes taking place within your product. You may begin seeing invoices, support resources, and documentation with updated naming  over the upcoming weeks.   


Where  will I see the naming changes take place?  


If your product is updating its name, you will see that reflected in the product user interface and in all places where the name would be used – such as release notes, support resources (e.g. articles and tickets), and documentation. This will also be accompanied with our updated PowerSchool logo.  


Additionally, in externally-facing materials, such as our corporate website and product flyers, you will see the changes immediately.  


What happens to product versions that are already released?  


Versions that have already been released and supported will remain as they were when released. If an escalation is needed, we will use the versioning structure used for that specific release.  


Ex: eFinancePlus 5.2 


When will the product I use start seeing the new release versioning?   


The new release versioning will be effective  as of the  first  feature release  for your product  of 2019.  


If our parents and students have questions about updated names in the products, what can I tell them? If you receive any questions from parents and students about updated names changes, we recommend this response: 


PowerSchool is a company that provides our school and district with K-12 education technology. Since PowerSchool has updated its branding, the product that you use [insert name of product] has also been updated to reflect those changes.  


District: If the product has also updated its name: 

PowerSchool has also updated the [name of product]’s name to be more descriptive. The new product name is now [insert new product name].  


All PowerSchool products will continue work as before and are unaffected by these changes.