What's New in Customer Education - May 2021

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What's New in Customer Education - May 2021

PowerSchool Team



Virtual Learning: Register for PSU Remote Plus Summer


Register today for this hands-on training for your PowerSchool solutions, July 19-30. Here’s what’s new: updated course catalog, cross-product training offerings, scheduling flexibility, and new products, including courses on Unified Insights™ Powered by Hoonuit and Naviance by PowerSchool. LEARN MORE OR REGISTER NOW


Get PowerSchool Certified!


PowerSchool’s role-based certifications ensure your principals, counselors, and office staff know the essential tasks their role. Solution-based certifications offer focused training on Enterprise Reporting, PowerTeacher Pro and more. Certifications and recertifications are included in your PSU registration, or register today through our Training Offerings.


New! Accelerated Learning Gains Academy!


The Accelerated Learning Gains Academy takes a multifaceted approach to meet the various needs of students in order to encourage personal and academic growth. The Academy will help teachers clarify their instruction so students can master essential skills and understandings while also encouraging educators to explore new instructional practices that research shows will accelerate student learning. Additionally, the Academy will unpack the importance of building strong relationships in the classroom and how teachers can empower students to be independent learners who experience success. Want more information? Feel free to reach out to us for more information at ProvenPractices@powerschool.com


Prepare for the End of the School Year with PD+!


Looking for a refresher on how to print reports cards, create transcripts, or wrap up the school year in your PowerSchool products? Check out the self-paced Professional Development Plus (PD+) courses and videos in Customer Education Campus to ensure that your end of year is a successful one! Come train with us today!