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New v. Old

Is there a way on a personal level to switch back to the older version of Schoolspring? While the map looks like it would be helpful, it is very much a hindrance in actually searching for jobs, especially with how much it likes to reset itself when I am trying to navigate. I know that the last system was set up to show the most recent postings first as well, but if we're going to be forced to look at jobs based solely on location, we should be able to sort how the postings appear to us. 


Overall, the system is not intuitive, helpful, or user friendly. Looking forward to having the bugs ironed out. And maybe the ability to save search preferences and see all of my profile in a single glance rather than clicking through every tab under the sun. 

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I would like to second the request to bring back some of the search features from the previous UI. Specifically I would like to request the return of the Search Radius function, and for it to be available on the SchoolSpring homepage. Otherwise it seems I have to look at a listing of jobs across my entire state when all I really need to see are openings within a 25 to 50 mile radius from my home.


Additionally, I would like to request that job postings older than 6 months be removed from the search results. In the current SchoolSpring search engine, I end up seeing job postings that date as far back as the fall of 2021, thereby misrepresenting the number of open, active listings currently available in my area.


Thank you for your assistance with these requests.


I don't think you can roll it back unfortunately, I suggest using the following link to make suggestions for changes. Unfortunately, it seems everyone has trouble with searching for jobs even tech guys like myself. 


Agreed. Even the old version had its 'quirks and features' but it worked better than the new version. 


We've lost a lot of custom built functionality with the switch to the new UI. I would really like a way to switch back.

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Community Support Expert

Hi @mskwar 


Currently, there is no way to switch back to the old UI or customize the applicant site. We would recommend that you submit a ticket and work with the support and have them look into your setup to confirm that.



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