How Do I Transfer my Recruit & Hire Account From One District to Another?


You cannot transfer your account if you have already created an account in the destination district. If you have, you will need to change the email address in the new account to an email other than the email used in the original district. (For instance, you can add an * or $ in front of the email address.)

If you have not created an account in the destination district, begin applying for the position you would like by clicking Apply and then Apply for this position.


  1. You will be prompted to create a new account, sign in, or transfer a currently existing account.
  2. Enter the email and password that are connected with your other Recruit & Hire account in the I want to transfer my account section.
  3. Enter the state in which the account is located and click Continue.

The site will locate your other account. You can then select the account to transfer the information. Please be aware that only some of your profile information may be transferred. You will still need to fill out certain sections on new applications.



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